“I am imagination. I can see what the eyes cannot see. I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel.” ~Peter Nivio Zarlenga

I am a single speck adrift in the vast ocean.  A thousand seas and oceans envelop my being.

The waves are all around me in great crashing aqueous shapes shifting and enveloping one another the way only a liquid can. All around me, they crash in spectacular semi-transparent shimmers.

Ahead looms a great wall of imposing size, sharply slicing through the water. It extends from white to gray and brown flecks up to black and into the clouds higher than I can see. A swath of water is cut open behind it in a large ‘V’.

The wake it creates is going to splash over me and send me under is a struggle of bubbles and I wills surely drown. Despite this I am unable to break my gaze from the massive shape looming over me. It draws closer and shadows over me and I see the texture of the color clearly. It is a layered and filamented pattern which shows beads of water unable to permeate its soft and oily glowing layers.

The beads of water grow closer until I see my reflection distorted on their globular surfaces and I rise up on the wake.  I am sucked in the torrenting typhoon of crushing silver liquid.  I snap out of my daydream.

I look out over the lake beyond my yard from my deck and finish my coffee as the honking geese continue to cut jagged shapes in its otherwise unblemished surface.

We are isolated in ourselves, our own minds, our own perspectives with only rudimentary connection with others. How do we comprehend that which we can’t perceive?


This single trait has shaped humanity in the areas technology and art among others.

We can mentally conceive abstractions and intangibilities. The proof for this is mathematical. Counting up 1… 2…3… It will never cease. That is infinity. It doesn’t exist in our realities, but we think it. We imagine it.

How do we create anything?  First we must imagine…


The Power of Imagination

“The imagination is man’s power over nature.” ~Wallace Stevens

Imagination is a powerful asset of human nature.  It is our mind’s ability to comprehend objects, events, scenes, interactions and even worlds which could not exist in reality.  We extend our imagination to include all of our senses with complete autocracy.  Our mental manifestations can extend beyond the realm of the possible into an infinite, unrestricted space.

As we percieve and comprehend more of the physical world around us, our imagination grows.  We can pull from our experiences, mentally sifting through piles of data we have accumulated throughout our lives, combining bits and pieces to create more elaborate visions.

The most difficult aspect of imagination is attempting to recreate it in the physical world.  Whether by word or action, painting or sculpture, mankind has always sought to communicate his imaginings with others.

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