Kokoro no shi to wa naré; kokoro wo shi to sezaré.

Translates: “Be the teacher of your heart: do not allow your heart to become your teacher.” ~Patrick Lafcadio Hearn. In Ghostly Japan. 2004. p. 108. Print.

My passion is what drives me.  It instills desire to create, to build and to develop my work both personally and professionally.  But at what point does our passion consume us?  We must always maintain a part of ourselves which is logical; unyeilding to passion.  Our enlightened selves are charged with making the tough choices.

Sometimes, for the good of the world and those around us, we need to choose to deny our desires, our passions.  This is the true test of an enlightened individual.  Can you truly think selflessly?  Can you put the right decision first and ignore our more primitive desires?

We all face this test many times throughout our lives.  The decisions we make shape the person we become.

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