“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness” ~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Be aware.
Be wary.

Three separate sentences meaning similar things. Beware of danger, be wary when detecting and analyzing the situation at hand, be aware of your surroundings.

In our society, having awareness might translate to being anxious or nervous.  For example, be aware when walking to your car at night in a dark parking lot, beware of the vicious dog in your neighbors yard, and be wary of the creepy man that gives you weird vibes at the supermarket.  All these are true, and happen everyday around the country, but what about the flip side of awareness?

Many find it easier to dwell on the negative, and in turn are not aware of the positive.

Awareness in a variety of situations is something each individual should strive to achieve. Instead of being wary of the man begging for change on the side of the busy road, why not be aware of his life and the circumstances that must have occurred to result in this moment of you briskly passing him by? When you turn the sometimes overwhelmingly negative side of the situation off, the only part remaining is that which you can help change for the better. Who else better than yourself to fix or change a poor situation? Take charge and be confident.

Being aware of yourself and your actions is substantially more important than being aware of others. Yes, knowing what is going on in the world, or knowing what your friend is doing over her extended holiday break is great, but what about the awareness of yourself as a key part in the world’s history and its bright future?

Your life, no matter how trivial it may seem at times, is an amazing gift that should be cherished and used to the best of your ability. Be aware of the day that is ahead of you and the impact that you can have on others, beware of wasting your precious night with people you don’t strongly love and want to be around, and be wary of every part of your life that you second guess.

Days tend to pass by, and before you can comprehend it, you may become engulfed in doing what’s right only for you. Remember to be aware of your actions in affecting others, and therefore, affecting the world. Every person you meet, every sentence formed and released, and every single facial expression matters. It matters deeply. Be aware of your impact.


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