Present focus

Learn from the past, look to the future, but always keep your mind in the present.

Realize that what you are doing or that what you have is not yours to keep. Do not succumb to suffering due to attachment to impermanent things.

We all make mistakes in our lives and must take the opportunity of past experiences to learn and grow in character.  Use the experiences of your time to better yourself.  Don’t repeat foolish folly.

Plan for tomorrow, but allow room for your plans to adapt to circumstance.  A rigid plan, like brittle wood, is easily broken.  A flexible plan bends gracefully in the wind.

Be at peace in the present.  Concentrate on your action, be mindful of your impact and the ripples of your words and decisions in the lives of others.  Enjoy each gift you encounter, but never be wholly consumed by the pleasure of the moment.  True happiness is a lifelong endeavor, not a flickering glimpse of joy brought on by excess.

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