Setting aside desire.

All life is suffering, which has its roots in desire.

Taṇhā, literally translated as “thirst,” is the concept of desire, want, or greed. We constantly try to fill the void in our lives with pleasurable experiences. We spend our lives constantly craving wants that can never be satisfied: pleasure, material goods, and immortality. This is part of the Four Noble Truths.

“Attachment is in many ways comparable to addiction, a compulsive dependency on external objects or experiences to manufacture an illusion of wholeness. Unfortunately, like other addictions, attachment becomes more intense over time.” ~Mingyur Rinpoche

Since our desires can never be truly fulfilled, so long as we pursue them, we inevitably suffer. Only when we overcome our innate desire, can we remove suffering from our lives. To do this we must achieve the right understanding, right thought, right words, right action, right occupation, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. This is known as the Eight-Fold Path.

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