Jumper cables.

Some days are just awful. You’re stressed out, tired, and just want to go home and go right to bed. This happens to everyone, once in a while. I had a day like this not to long ago…

Right at the peak of my misery, I had been reading about various uprisings and protests around the world. It seemed like people everywhere were furious, and it made me mad. Politicians played off of one another as though it were some international game. The conniving, backstabbing scheming going on round the world had me so frustrated I couldn’t even focus at work. I just needed to go home and unwind my mind.

I was completely inwardly focused, wrapped in my own thoughts, tainted by the hatred I had been reading about all day. Everything was about me. How I couldn’t do anything to make it a better world. How I had no power to do anything good with all this hatred, greed and malice spreading like a virus. I, me, mine. I had no thought for others and was walking swiftly to my car, eyes down, trying not to burst into flames.

Just as I was leaving, I practically ran into a man from my office. I had never spoken to him before, but I’d seen him in the building. He too was distraught, though not, I think, in the same manner as I. He had left his headlights on and his car was dead. It seemed no one could give him a jump, or had any cables. They were all in a hurry to rush home and enjoy the weekend.

I told him I had some jumper cables, and I pulled my car around to where he was parked. We hooked up the cables and got his car running again.

I don’t know why it happened, but that one moment removed me from the misery of my own inward negativity. I was pulled up out of the darkness and reminded that no matter what might be going on, there is always room to help. No matter how hopeless things seem, you can always lend your time, your effort, your shoulder to cry on. There is someone out there who you CAN help, even if there are millions others you cannot.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” ~Mother Teresa

Jump-start your life. Sometimes the smallest gestures and actions have the largest ripples.

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