Living in the future.

Perception of the Mentalist by gorak-boo

Technically speaking, we live in the future…  But we can only ever observe the past.

It takes an infinitely small amount of time for the light from something to hit our eyes.  Photons travel through space at the speed of light, 299,792,458 meters per second, the fastest speed of anything known to us in the physical Universe.  Still, that light has to travel some time before we can actually observe it.  This phenomena becomes apparent when looking at stars.

When we gaze up into the night sky, we are looking eons back into the past.  The light from some stars must travel immense distances to reach our small planet, and in some cases, the light we see is coming from a star that has already died, exploding out in a fantastic supernova.

It takes a longer time for sound to travel from its source to our ears, travelling 340.29 meters per second at sea level. You could be listening to music but technically your conscious mind, your inner self, are at a point in space-time ever so slightly in front of what you’re hearing because the sound wave hasn’t hit you yet.

After your eyes and ears have observed an event, there is still more delay as our neurons fire in rapid succession, relaying the information up to our brains where it finally reaches our conscious mind.

Your consciousness resides in a future you can’t see until you perceive a it… At that point your observations are of events which have already occurred in the past.  We are perpetually trapped in the future, observing the past.  It begs the question is our future predetermined?  Or, do we have the power to alter the world around us?

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