They’re cheering us both…


When Einstein was in Hollywood in 1931, Charlie Chaplin invited him with his wife, his secretary, Helene Dukas and his assistant, Professor Walter Meyer (d. autumn 1948) to dinner in his villa and later to see in his private cinema a performance of the film City Lights.

During the drive to the town they were recognized by the crowd and enthusiastically cheered. Chaplin calmly remarked to his guests:

“The people are applauding you because none of them understands you and applauding me because everybody understands me.”
~Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin was making a good humored remarking on the universality of his art, yet showed his humility in the recognition of the difference between popularity and lasting greatness.

1. Quote Investigator, They’re Cheering Us Both, You Because Nobody Understands You, and Me Because Everybody Understands Me

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