Think Zen

“The Master allows things to happen.
She shapes events as they come.
She steps out of the way
and lets the Tao speak for itself.”

Are we truly a conscious entity or do we daily delude ourselves as a mechanism of survival brought about by eons of evolution?

Are we completely unique individual beings with free will?  Or does the world merely continue through the ages and our own evolutionary path has chosen to give us an illusion of control.  Empirical studies postulate that we have the innate ability of self deception.  Constructs in our own brains give us complex reactive structures for unparalleled adaptability.

Our minds endeavour to make us believe that we have control over our surroundings.  Our control is limited, yes, but it far exceeds that of any other known being.  We as a species have taken the world and transformed it selfishly to suit our needs.  Generation by generation we allow ourselves to buy into the illusion of total control as technology advances exponentially.

We may believe in our ability to control the world around us but we are primarily reactive beings.  We perceive and process information via our sensory organs and react to circumstance.  This is our true nature.  Supreme masters of adaptation.  Our ability to change is man’s greatest asset.

Today, I choose to embrace true human nature.  Attempts to control the world around me are futile.  I can only decide how to embrace the world around me.  Today I am one with nature; in tune  with the resonating forces at work.  The Tao will speak to me, revealing itself gradually.  Patience will be mine and all will be revealed in due time.